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Here is an extract of the famous Food Blogger Dr Tay's review about us:
" So today I want to showcase Leong Tee Durians. Although this is the first time I have visited Leong Tee, he was highly recommended by our facebook fans. His reputation for honest dealing and providing excellent quality durian is almost legendary. "

I spent a good hour photographing and interviewing Mr Lim Leong Tee and in that hour, I managed to speak to quite a few of his customers. All of them spoke highly of his integrity. A lot of them have been his customers since his days at Jackson Centre (Macpherson). Most of them don't even care for the usual ritual of testing the ripeness of the durians before they pay. They just trust Uncle Leong to pick the best ones for them. They also tell me that if they are not satisfied with their durians when they get home, all they need to do is to tell him the next time they visit and he replaces it for them -- no questions asked.

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 D197 Mao Shan Wan 

 D24  Sultan Durian

 D175 Red Prawn