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Clone D123
The fruit is oval in shape and big weighing between 2 - 4kg. per fruit. The skin is green to rust colour and the thorns are big. The flesh is golden yellow, thick, soft and sweet.

D 123 ('Chanee', 'Gibbon' ): Ovoid fruit, 2-4 kg, thick, soft, sweet golden pulp

This is the most important commercial variety in Thailand .



Cha Nee

Another variety of Cha Nee
Obtuse spikes, and the size of their heads and bottoms are typically equal to each other.

"Chanee" means Gibbon.
This is a popular Thai durian.
The fruit looks like a gibbon hang on a tree.
Fruit Shape: Ellipsoidal , Ovate , Oblong
Size: Medium
Weight: 2.0 - 3.5kg.
Average: 2.5 kg.
Rind : Spine
shape: Concave
Colour: Green
Average thickness: 1.1 cm.
Length of fruit stalk : Very short (<5 cm.) to short
Colour and texture: Golden yellow creamy firm, become meshy when over-ripe
Taste: Sweet , strong fragrance sweet-bitter when over-ripe.
Thickness: Moderate to thick
Seed: Medium to aborted
Days full bloom to harvest: 90 - 100

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