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Mao Shan Wan D197

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猫山王. D197. Mao San Wan (Pahang) or Rajah Kunyit (Kelantan). Some call it "Butter durian". It is also known as "Musang King" because of the strong promotion by durian farm owners in Gua Musang district.
D197 is officially registered as "durian Kunyit" on 9 December 1993 by Mr Wee Chong Beng from the Tenah Merah district in Kelantan.
This is the most expensive type now (2010). Retail prices from S$8/kg (2005) to S$30 per kg (2006) depending on supply. Near the end of its durian season (September), as the medium quality supply from southern Malaysia plummeted, just the cost per kg for premium quality from Pahang to a dealer in Singapore can be as high as S$10 to S$11/kg!
So far, the quality from Pahang is the best.
Originality: D197  Raja Kunyit   
Date registered :09.12.93  
By Wee Chong Beng (Tenah Merah District, Kelantan)

D666 Old Mao Shan
D666 with broader thorns and a distinctive "Star Fish" logo at the base


Sultan Durian (D24)
Base has a "Round" shape with one thin hair

Mao Shan Wan

Mao Shan Wan or Rajah Kunyit
Flesh color should be darker orange.

D197 Mao Shan Wang
The pahang types Kunyit

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